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What Can We Do For You?

At Financial Strategies – Wealth Management Group, a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Orange County, we don't sell products, we build lifestyles.

Many advisors focus on wealth accumulation only. We're different. In addition to growing your wealth, we:

  • Make sure you have a personal pension (pay check) for life so you never run out of money (Why should you care?)
  • Work with institutional money managers (Why should you care?)
  • Manage your financial exposures for a more predictable retirement
  • Help to maintain your current standard of living
  • Look into the future and find ways to cut taxes.

A strong plan needs a solid foundation. That's where we get to work. A well-designed financial plan enables you to make informed choices regarding your finances so you stay in control. Some believe that picking and choosing which stock or mutual funds to buy, sell or hold is control.

That is not control.

Control is the ability to know the outcome, not the process. THAT is CONTROL.

Our Review of your goals helps us build a plan so you know what's going on in your life and your finances. That is true control.

During the initial meeting, we both get to know each other. You relax in big comfortable chairs, sip on hot or cold beverages and nibble on cookies. We ask questions. You talk, explain, dream. We listen. No canned sales pitch.

We'll ask you: What is the purpose of your money? (If you say: "Not running out of money," that's easy. Hide a box of money under your mattress and never spend it. You'll never run out. But that isn't the real purpose of your money. We live in Orange County or wherever you live, and you need money to live on, go on vacations, leave a legacy and more.)

The purpose of your money allows us to match your wants and needs to the right investment tools.

From Your Personal Review, we create and present your plan. It's your choice what to do next, whether your decision is GO or NO.

Check out our WHY WORK WITH US tab for more details about how you could benefit from our programs and services – as many people have done over the past 29 years.

Contact us in Orange County, California, for more information regarding how our investment advisory firm might help you achieve your goals. Because … money does buy dreams™

Because... money does buy dreams