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What Can We Do For You?

At Financial Strategies – Wealth Management Group, our team doesn’t sell products, we build lifestyles for our clients.

Many advisers focus on wealth accumulation only. We’re different. We focus on you and what you need and want to reach your goals. As fiduciaries, we pledge CLIENTS FIRST and offer strategies to:

  • Build wealth
    • Individuals
    • Participants in 401(k) plans
    • Option for institutional money management
  • Improve transparency in all personal and 401(k) plans
  • Retirement planning
    • Guaranteed “paychecks” for life
    • Tax-advantaged planning for today and heirs
    • Manage financial exposures for a more predictable retirement
    • Maintain current standard of living
  • Implement plans to lower tuition for college-bound children
  • Create early-retirement plans for high-wage-earners.

Because... money does buy dreams

What’s one hour of your time worth?
If we could show you a way to realize your financial goals – whether it’s a 401(k) plan, college funding, retirement income for life or a HENRY/FIRE plan – would it be worth an hour of your time? Let’s get started.

Call us @ 714–368-7494 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting to discuss some ideas to make your dreams your reality.